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Dan Webb

Been a Patient since Tennova closed - Don't know what was Wrong with Tennova they were Useless / Associated Pain Specialists scores a 10 +++ On my scale, Staff and Dr's have been nothing but very Accommodating from getting me badly needed neck brace(S) to prescriptions for Arm brace, they have pulled all my records from MRI's to CT's and Up until June 14th I would have given them a 9.5 - Felt I had to post as they cut my wait time down past 2 visits to 1 hour which is normal or better for about any doctor visit - want to do further tests prior to me getting surgery come Aug or Sept and willing to recommend with updated x-rays - I'm on low dose medications compared to what Tennova had me on but Associated has given me injections in my right arm which was pain beyond belief - relief was virtually immediate (since I have worked with arm to get muscles built up more after regaining use it was nearly cut off) also have multiple neck brakes put me in neck brace took off much pain both in neck and both shoulders ( stenosis in back neck, had knee surgery right arm surgery very active life ) Highly recommended - if your going to beg for drugs this is not the place ! while yes they do prescribe they offer many alternatives to alleviate pain ( Personally I was on if math correct 280 mg of morphine equivalent - now only on 40 and take as needed rather than living from one pill to another ) This place I rank as tops !

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