Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Injections

Sacroiliac Joint Injection is an outpatient procedure used in the diagnosis and treatment of pain caused by the sacroiliac joint. This large joint in your lower back and buttocks region can become painful and cause pain that may present in the lower back, buttocks, or may cause referred pain to the groin, hip and sometimes leg.

Typically, the diagnostic injection is first performed with a numbing agent into the joint. Based on the amount of immediate pain relief experienced, it will either confirm or deny that this joint is the cause of your pain. After your doctor has confirmed that the SI joint is the source of pain, a second procedure will be performed administering a steroid with a numbing agent into the joint to provide more long term pain relief. For the procedure to be as safe as possible, an x-ray technique known as fluoroscopy is used to position the needle accurately.

After the procedure, it takes between 2-5 days to experience the effects of the steroid. The actual results will vary between individual patients, regarding the duration and extent of the pain relief. Some of the factors that could have an impact on how effective the treatment is includes the patient’s medical history and current level of activity. This procedure can be repeated.

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