Vision Scope Imaging (VSI)


Why VSI?

The HD quality of VSI results could potentially allow your physician to eliminate ordering an expensive MRI or recommending a diagnostic surgery. This can save you time and money. And the treatment process can proceed rapidly. What is a Vision Scope exam?

A VSI exam involves a miniature endoscope that houses a camera optics. The endoscope is gently inserted into your joint and pictures/video are project onto the VSI monitor. The exam takes less than 10 minutes to perform and you get real time answers in a matter of minutes. 

What does a VSI feel like?

Patients who have had a VSI exam have reported no pain. The area around your joint is numbed with Lidocaine. You may feel a pinch from the Lidocaine needle. Once the joint is numb, you might feel slight pressure, but you should feel no pain. 

What is VSI ideal for?

If you are experiencing discomfort in your knee, shoulder, elbow or ankle a VSI exam may be right for you.

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